Champasak province, Pakxe, Laos


Champassak Province



Website created in English in September 2012




Vat Phou Temple Full Moon

Vat Phou enlighten on full moon nights




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I am sorry to be French; therefore I am sorry for the broken English of this website.

While you read those pages, please imagine my strong French accent.

Translation still in process... coming soon HERE

But at least here are 2 useful maps Bolaven Plateau and Champasak

This website will be the weird translation of the French




Early morning in Pakxe

Early morning in Paksé.




Lao Proverb:

Hèt dii, day dii. Hèt soua, day soua.


(« Do good and you shall receive good, do evil and you shall receive evil »)







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